VMware Tanzu Mission Control Essentials: A gamechanger for Kubernetes cluster management

August 29, 2023 || Strategix Technology Solutions

Portable, open source, extensible - this is the Kubernetes platform that allows for organisations to better manage containerised workloads and services through automation. It’s the conductor for cluster orchestration and is built on Google best practice foundations within an ever-evolving ecosystem of capabilities and functionalities. It can also sprawl. Enter VMware Tanzu Mission Control - the solution designed to manage Kubernetes clusters across every cloud.

VMware defines Tanzu Mission Control as a ‘centralized hub for simplified, multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes management’ and it provides organisations with the security, governance, data sovereignty visibility and operational efficiencies needed to manage multiple clusters and cloud infrastructures. It forms part of the VMware Tanzu portfolio which is focused on helping companies better manage their Kubernetes platforms and software.

It also provides the business with the following key benefits:

  1. A centralised platform
  2. Tanzu Mission Control is designed to help organisations regain control of their clusters. This has become critical - the recent State of Kubernetes Report by VMware highlighted how Kubernetes has ‘Crossed the Chasm’ thanks to its radical growth, particularly around software development and cloud adoption. The survey found that 29% of respondents have more than 50 clusters with 48% anticipating that these will grow by more than 50% over the next year.

    In short? Companies need an efficient way of managing their Kubernetes clusters and Tanzu Mission Control does exactly that. It’s designed to simplify multi-cloud and multi-cluster Kubernetes environments by putting everything into a centralised space that makes it easy to take control and optimise operations.

  3. Governance and security
  4. Managing data governance and sovereignty are critical priorities for the organisation today. Not only is regulation becoming increasingly complex and demanding, but a company’s reputation can fall with a single click without the right levels of governance. Tanzu Mission Control ensures you can apply centralised policies and data protection to Kubernetes clusters in any environment. This significantly reduces the risk that comes with the rising number of clusters across multiple cloud environments as policies are applied universally and consistently, access is managed more efficiently, and companies get comprehensive control over how they align with regulations and compliance.

  5. Easy management with Tanzu Mission Control Essentials
  6. Tanzu Mission Control Essentials is one of the Tanzu Mission Control versions alongside Standard and Advanced, and is designed specifically for managing Kubernetes across the cloud. It comes with tools that help organisations to better organise their clusters and security with smart automation tools and functionalities. You can automatically provision new clusters, attach current clusters across multiple environments, and configure policies within a centralised environment.

    With Strategix as your partner, you can take the simplicity and ubiquity of Tanzu Mission Control even further. Our expertise helps you to transform how you provision, attach and manage clusters while remaining ahead of security, compliance and scale. We can help you reimagine your Kubernetes infrastructure, reduce sprawl, minimise risk and enhance efficiencies with our in-depth understanding of cloud, Kubernetes and VMware.

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