The Top 5 Cloud Trends of 2023 (so far)

July 04, 2023 || Strategix Technology Solutions

This year has thrown down the digital gauntlet. In terms of emergent technologies and digital transformation, 2023 has been shaped by innovation and unexpected inventions. Artificial intelligence (AI) has moved from theoretical to transformational, and organisations are shifting their expectations from technology as a result.

Cloud has not sat on its hands, either. AI, machine learning (ML), automation, and connectivity have been redefining what it means to live and thrive within the cloud. Over the next six months to a year, it is very likely that:

  1. Commoditisation-as-a-Service. ML and AI slip perfectly into the cloud because their resource intensive demands are easily catered for by this scalable and flexible architecture. This will allow for companies to then create solutions that can be commoditised and customised to help their customers better manage and understand their data.
  2. Right on the edge. Edge compute isn’t new, but the ability of cloud to put compute at the edge is increasing exponentially. As developers gain access to new tools and services, and as cloud continues to make it easier and faster to create a seamless balance between data and compute, real-time and near-real-time edge capabilities are only going to evolve.
  3. Infrastructure will change how cloud evolves. Gartner believes that 15% of on-premises workloads will run in containers by 2026 and this is going to drive the development of new application architectures that will again change infrastructure which will see cloud and cloud approaches change to meet business expectations.
  4. Resiliency will be redefined by cloud capabilities. McKinsey emphasised the importance of resilience in the cloud for organisations as they navigate complex markets and conditions. Cloud offers the organisation the ability to take advantage of the potential of emergent technologies while equally allowing for ongoing resilience and recovery.
  5. FinOps will gain traction. FinOps has already seen significant growth and adoption across most organisations with deep footprints in the cloud. It’s ability to help organisations gain richer control over spend while remaining agile and competitive is a huge drawcard for companies looking for the edge.

Of course, one trend that has also seen solid growth is the need for partnerships and third-party expertise to help companies achieve cloud resilience, scale and growth within tightening budgets and complex times. Organisations want to partner with companies that understand their needs and that can help them gain mastery over cloud innovation and transformation within their unique operating circumstances.

This is where Strategix steps in. Our expertise, commitment and passion for cloud-based innovation make us the perfect ally for the company that wants to flex its muscles within the cloud and achieve the extraordinary. From FinOps to AI, from resilience to the edge, our skills and our proven track record will help you build a cloud infrastructure capable of evolving with your needs and the markets that you serve.

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