VMware Tanzu: The skills, the opportunities and the capabilities

July 31, 2023 || Strategix Technology Solutions

Want to know why companies are turning to VMware Tanzu? Designed to optimise DevOps and create multi-cloud applications and technology stacks that empower organisations and drive speed to market and outcomes, VMware Tanzu is modular, cloud-native and agile. It is also, according to the Forrester report ‘The Total Economic Impact of VMware Tanzu Application Service’, capable of delivering a return on investment (ROI) of 142%.

It is also, found the report, a solution that gets applications over the line at speed, reduces the amount of time spent debugging in application environments, minimises downtime, and reduces security patch deployment. There is also a significantly lower rate of attrition among developers because the platform offers a better user experience.

However, there is dire need for skilled people who have the ability to fully realise the potential of modular, cloud-native application platforms across multiple providers. The former is a challenge - companies need skilled developers. The latter is critical - companies need the agility and flexibility of cloud and the capabilities of cloud-native applications, plus, as McKinsey points out, cloud has the potential to generate $1 trillion in value by 2030.

The dire need to find skills and cloud-native potential within the organisation has led to two distinct trends. The first is captured by the IDC’s trends report for 2023. The company believes that the skills shortage will drive CIO investment into digital platforms and automation solutions designed to increase productivity and expertise. It also believes that developer roles will become more ubiquitous, driven by low-code solutions and in-house skills development.

The second is in the move towards an outsourced talent model. Companies are turning to third-party service providers to bolster their talent pool and to get critical projects over the line at speed. This is reflected in the Gartner technology trends analysis for 2023 which underscores the importance of achieving high business value outcomes while leveraging new practices and approaches.

One such practice is VMware Tanzu, a portfolio of products that give companies the tools and environments they need to modernise, scale, innovate and grow. And one such approach is the use of a third-party service provider to support the in-house development team with a rich array of skilled and capable individuals that have a deep understanding of VMware Tanzu and the value of modular, cloud-native application platforms across multiple providers. While one such service provider happens to be Strategix, a VMware partner that has the skills, expertise and proven track record in delivering exceptional services to customers within the VMware Tanzu ecosystem.

Strategix has one of the deepest pools of VMware expertise and skills in the country. This means customers gain access to exceptional technical talent to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Leveraging a strong VMware partnership, Strategix helps companies optimise their VMware environments. including vSphere, vSAN, NSX, Tanzu and more. Strategix engineers have solid expertise that allows for the development, design, implementation and operation of VMware-based private, hybrid and multi-cloud platforms to meet specific business needs without compromising on skills, security or functionality.

With Strategix, organisations can build modern apps faster with Tanzu while continuing to run mission-critical workloads on vSphere. Our NSX consultants can help secure and connect multi-cloud architectures and, backed by elite VMware certifications, we provide 24/7 support for VMware environments enabling IT agility and innovation.

Whether you are looking to migrate workloads from legacy infrastructure, build a high-performance virtualized environment, deploy a hybrid cloud or manage multi-cloud operations, Strategix has the skills and expertise to accelerate your success.

Together, we can seamlessly evolve your IT to a cloud-driven future leveraging VMware's leading virtualization, cloud management and security technologies - with the right skills, tools and services to meet your unique needs.

Strategix has one of the deepest pools of VMware expertise and skills in the country which means that customers gain access to exceptional skills so they can adapt to the cloud and their customised digital transformation journeys, while embracing innovation and customer-centricity. Strategix leverages our VMware partnership to help companies maximise their Tanzu environments and capabilities without compromising on skills, security or functionality.

Companies can enjoy all the benefits of cloud-native applications and multi-cloud deployments without waiting for skills to catch up. Together with Strategix, you can slip effortlessly into the cloud-driven future with skills, tools and services that meet your needs.

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