The critical considerations (and solutions) for data sovereignty

November 29, 2023 || Strategix Technology Solutions

Data sovereignty is defined as the control of data by the country, government or jurisdiction within which that data was generated. It is digital borders placed around data to protect citizens, information and privacy. The data sovereignty conversation has become increasingly relevant and prevalent as cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions grow in popularity and scale. Data is generated, shared, collected and stored across multiple jurisdictions by remote workers, global organisations and, of course, government entities.

The US National Security Agency’s PRISM programme was one of the biggest catalysts for the data sovereignty debate. When the Snowdon debacle revealed that the agency was collecting data from individuals and organisations from across the world, the need for jurisdictional control over data and its access spun into the spotlight. The challenge now is to ensure that data and its sovereignty remain a priority at a time when cloud is sprouting multiple heads across multiple locations, and when regulations and laws are becoming increasingly complex.

Fortunately, it’s cloud that also offers the organisation a solution to the data sovereignty problem – the aptly named sovereign cloud. It’s a strategic solution to a convoluted challenge as it provides organisations with the tools they need to mitigate data misuse, control data management, and ensure sensitive data is processed and stored within the confines of the law.

And there are a significant number of laws and regulations globally with 137 out of 194 countries currently holding them in place. According to UNCTAD, 71% of countries have legislation, 9% have this in draft, and 15% have no legislation. The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is considered the gold standard but the California CCPA, South African POPIA, and the US Cloud Act are all examples of robust regulations impacting data and its protection.

This situation has been further complicated by ongoing geopolitical instability that has turned trust into something of a rare commodity. The location of data has never been more important, nor has it been more closely guarded.

Which introduces the value of sovereign cloud. When viewed as a strategic priority, cloud technology can be customised and curated to meet unique business requirements and situations so that organisations can comply with data sovereignty laws and regulations with relative ease. Or at least with comprehensive visibility.

Leveraging the Strategix set of tools, a robust VMware suite of solutions, and our expertise when it comes to managing data and sovereignty capabilities, your business can balance your data expectations across service providers, jurisdictions and solutions. Our robust security solutions ensure that data is tightly secured in line with regulatory expectations, minimising the risk of data leaks.

We also ensure that you are ahead of the data game, and can meet law enforcement interventions and expectations when required, with:

  • Exceptional data classification across type, policy, jurisdiction, and level of importance or value
  • Customised data policies and controls that apply both locally and globally
  • Reports, analytics and data visibility to ensure compliance is easily achieved
  • Seamless data management and movement within your ecosystem

With our support, your organisation can benefit from a sovereign cloud that ensures data stays within the borders of your jurisdiction and meets the standards of your local authorities and regulators.

Discover the simplicity of data sovereignty with Strategix

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