Is Your Business Ready For The Cloud Native Era?

May 04, 2023 || Strategix

Welcome to the era of the cloud native organisation, architecture and infrastructure. To a realm where the digital natives roam and the tech giants explore new ways of deploying, building and managing applications in the cloud. From Amazon to Microsoft to the intelligent and dynamic organisations in-between, cloud native applications and approaches are bursting forth onto the business scene and introducing business value, organisational agility and delightful modernity.

Amazon describes cloud native as ‘the software approach of building, deploying and managing modern applications in cloud computing environments.

Microsoft defines it as ‘technologies [that] empower organisations to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments.’

GitLab says it is ‘an approach that uses technologies such as containers, Kubernetes, immutable infrastructure, and microservices to develop scalable applications.’

VMware says that it is ‘an approach to building and running applications that exploits the advantages of the cloud computing delivery model.’

The business needs cloud native ubiquity and functionality to keep up with ever changing and evolving markets as well as the complexities introduced in times of uncertainty. It allows for the organisation to reimagine applications.

  • The business has to rethink how it builds, manages and implements its applications to ensure that they:
  • Deliver business value
  • Can iterate and adapt to changing business expectations and conditions
  • Can evolve alongside user feedback

Cloud native applications are faster, easier to adapt, more agile, relevant and interconnected within a cloud-driven environment that includes public, private and hybrid cloud.

These applications are designed to thrive within the cloud, making use of cloud architecture and services to deliver precisely what your business needs, and these very tasty benefits:

  • Resilience and redundancy thanks to their built-in flexibility that comes hand in hand with the cloud and its distributed architecture.
  • Impressive uptime that ensures your apps are built to meet high availability standards and expectations.
  • Opening the door to more efficient automation with a continuous deployment strategy that’s designed to minimise disruption while maximising innovation. As Amazon puts it – it’s all about the agility of DevOps and continuous delivery within the cloud.
  • Improved cost efficiencies because everything lives in the cloud and so, there’s no need for the burden of physical infrastructure, there’s simply cloud-native availability and virtualisation.

This fresh and dynamic approach to application development and service delivery is entirely empowered by the cloud and its ubiquity. The availability and scale that sit at the core of the cloud have given life to the immediacy of cloud native application innovation and environment development. You can try, test, fail, try, implement, fail, try and repeat without the high costs usually associated with application development and within a forgiving environment.

You can transform and optimise your environment inside an architecture that you’ve already designed to fit your needs. Whether your cloud is public, private or hybrid, it has all the ingredients for cloud-native application development and service delivery. If you want to truly reshape your business agility and potential, then step into cloud native, and if you really want to redefine your cloud native potential, step forward with Strategix.

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