Data resilience: The value of data backup and recovery

March 10, 2023 || Strategix Technology Solutions

Data resilience defines an organisation’s ability to protect, manage, store and backup its data to ensure ongoing business continuity and disaster recovery. Forrester believes that both data resilience and storage are evolving to ensure that the business becomes more resilient and capable of handling unexpected challenges. The research firm saying that, “data resilience solutions suites can provide a holistic structure for a business’s data resilience and backup strategy.”

And this resilience can be found in a holistic data backup and recovery platform that allows for the business to go beyond simply backing up the data and into the realm of recovering the entire business right up until the very second it went offline.

The challenge for most IT departments is to find the time, budget and manpower needed to implement a truly robust data protection and backup solution. Dealing with employees, demanding IT infrastructure, ongoing complexity and increasingly tighter budgets, most IT departments often struggle to implement the backup systems they need and are unable to successfully restore their data in the event of compromise or system failure.

What companies need is less of the data protection, backup and recovery burden and more of the data resilience benefits. What they want is:

  • Secure data storage that protects from cyber-attacks, ransomware and breaches
  • Easily accessed and restored data that’s stored securely off-site
  • Trusted data protection that uses the latest technologies and methodologies
  • Service-level monitoring to ensure that mission-critical data is protected and secured properly
  • Easy to use data management, access, control and visibility
  • Clearly defined backup strategies that align with on-premises, datacentre, compliance and unique company requirements
  • Support. One word that can change the entire experience for a company that has experienced a breach, data loss or a disaster

And every one of these needs and wants can be met by data protection as a service. A blend of security, support, storage, accessibility and capability that transforms how an organisation approaches business continuity and disaster recovery. A smart and simple way of keeping your business online, and putting your business back online, data protection as a service can be customised to fit within your core business and needs.

Passing the burden across from the IT team to a service provider not only reduces the risks, but gives your teams the freedom to focus on core operations and innovations without having to worry about data infrastructure and protection. At a time when the security threats have never been more virulent or successful, this level of data resilience is one of the most effective ways of safeguarding your business.

And safeguarding it down to the last second.

If your business goes down, if an attack is successful, or if there’s an unexpected disaster, Strategix, in collaboration with Assured Data Protection, ensures that your data is ready when you are.

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