We’re the best-kept secret in SA’s ICT industry. But not for long.

June 21, 2021 || Steve Dalgarno

Ask any mid-sized South African business what they need from their IT today, and their answers are likely to be similar. Strategy. Skills. Independent expert advice. Support. Peace of mind that the job will get done. Most of all, they want all the ICT services and solutions that they need in one place.

Many of them are sitting with archaic business systems that they’re trying to modernise. They want to be more agile and faster to market. They want to be more secure, and reduce their costs. And perhaps the biggest pain point for our time is that they want to find ways to keep their people engaged and productive while they’re working from home.

Often, businesses will know exactly what they want, but they don’t know how to do it, or to take the first step on the journey. Some bigger businesses have significant sunk costs in technology, that they want to unlock and turn into business value. Or they could simply be looking for the best professionals out there to help them drive and support projects.

At Strategix, we can help ease all of this pain. We’ve been solving business problems for over two decades. We’ve built up years of phenomenal experience, and have the best skills and accreditations in the industry, gleaned through working for some of the best-known names in technology. We’ve joined VMware as a managed partner. You could say we’re the best-kept secret in the ICT industry.

But now we’re ready to emerge from the shadows.

What can we offer that nobody else can? For a start, we take away the day-to-day grind of IT. We allow our customers to execute on their IT and business strategies, and transform their organisations. We do this in many ways, depending on the customer’s needs: application modernisation, digital workspaces, cloud, and more, all wrapped up neatly in one managed services bundle.

What sets us apart is that we have our own cloud. Unlike most of our competitors, we’re not simply providing a landscape to rent some space. We’re providing the cloud, and everything else on top of that. We’re reducing costs. Offering the ability to meet SLAs at scale, and get projects out quicker and faster. Providing the ability, through automation, to provision services and drive efficiency and speed. That’s what we do best.

Why come to us? For the same reason that the country’s biggest tech names have been coming to us for the past 20 years. We’re the best at what we do. And we get it done. We look forward to meeting you.

Give us a call today. We're the only TEC, Transparent Experts that Care, you'll need.

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