Managed Services

Build an IT ecosystem that supports your business goals.

Focus on your core business, while we take care of your information systems. Optimise your network for scalability, security, and performance.

On-Premise Infrastructure

  • Compute
  • Mobile
  • Datacenter Network
  • Networking

Dedicated on-premise infrastructure and applications provide complete control over hardware, operating systems, database and applications. Private Data Centers are suitable for organisations with many applications or larger more complex workloads.

Strategix Technology Solutions introduces flexibility by enhancing customers' on-premise infrastructure or recommending the migration of specific workloads to the cloud. Our extensive experience augments existing engineering teams within an organisation.

We support simple and complex networks, server and storage architectures, databases and applications with tight privacy and security measures for sensitive data. Maximise your technology investment with technical and operational resources to build, run and manage your on-premises systems.

Data Protection

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Replications
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery

IT Departments struggle to get data protection from their backup solutions, often failing audits and successful restores. Ensure your data is stored securely from cyberattacks, ransomware and breaches. Easily access and restore data stored securely off-site.

We empower customers with trusted data protection solutions using the latest technologies. Data protection is supported by service level monitoring for mission-critical and infrequent data. Benefit from flexible storage with our pay-per-use and reserved storage options.

Strategix offers an easy to use Self-Service or Managed Portal, helping clients define backup strategies for their on-premise or datacenter requirements. Our experts will guide you through any challenges you may face during regular consultations.

Cloud Services

  • IAAS
  • PAAS
  • Multi-Cloud Operations

Our Virtualised Infrastructure services allow you to monitor and manage infrastructure performance and capacity, while ensuring you are able to automatically recover from hardware failures. This enables businesses to greatly reduce OPEX and CAPEX spend and optimise resource allocation.

Manage on or off-premises software-defined IT infrastructure through our self-service portal for IT consumers. This ensures automated workload provisioning and lasting resiliency for your business applications.

Enable private cloud and expand hybrid cloud, and monitor and manage software-based IT infrastructure with Strategix Technology Solutions' cloud services. Strategix implements Hybrid Cloud Expansion by providing access to cloud-native services and enabling application migration and workload mobility.

Collaboration and Mail

  • Base Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365 Optimisation
  • 365 Archive and Protection

Businesses face a vast and complicated choice of collaboration tools which makes the decision making process difficult. How do you determine the security necessary to protect your business?

We provide trusted collaboration solutions for our customers, utilising Microsoft technologies. As a Cloud Solution Provider Direct, Strategix is able to guide customers with a deep understanding of how to consolidate collaboration software.

By providing collaboration tools with key integrated messaging, document management, collaboration and communication channels, Strategix is able to advise the correct product choice, while increasing productivity and security.

Digital Workspace

  • Virtual Desktop
  • Device and Mobile Management
  • Published Applications

With the ever evolving application landscape, it is challenging to provide adequate security and compliance measures to end-users. This can result in breaches to crucial corporate data.

Bring application security and compliancy to any device, anywhere. We provide managed Desktops, Published Applications and compliance solutions directly to the end user.

Strategix offers holistic solutions that provide restricted access and compliance to enterprise applications and corporate data.

Security Management

  • Endpoint
  • Micro-Segmentation
  • Network
  • SASE Security
  • Self-Service Password Request

Mitigate breaches and control risk in any environment with Strategix's selection of products. In an ever changing IT security landscape, we help introduce the right products to restore normality and protect your environment.

We employ a number of technologies and resources to deliver across the entire security landscape. Our approach emphasises a focus on strong products, from desktop compliance to integrated solutions for datacenters.

We cut through the noise and find a solution that best suits your requirements. Security products can be extremely expensive and require human intervention to manage on a day to day. We help you find the right solutions for your organisation's needs and capabilities.

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